Why 2009 is the Best Time to Start an Online Business

2009 might not has a good start with the devastating global crisis. And with million of jobs lose worldwide and corporate giants collapsing, many believe that we might not yet seem the worst of this credit crash. But that does not mean we can’t find other ways to earn extra cash.Online Businesses have exponentially increased in number since the start of the internet era. And with the global online sale index rising out of the roof, year after year. Online Business proved to be more confident and stable in the business arena, even during economy slowdown like now. Therefore with earning possibilities running low on the streets, there is no better time to start an online business than now. So here are the reasons why online businesses are on the growth while others are going no where.Online Business is low CostYou don’t have to pay for shop rental, fewer employees are required and all administration works can be automated. This all mean that setting up an online business or store can be incredibly low cost and easier to manage when compared with the offline business. All you might ever need is to pay for your hosting fee and one time domain name purchase and you are good to go. And there are also free website or blog platforms that you can use, if you choose to further reduce your risk to the minimum.Online Business is easier to buildIt has never been easier to build an online business. The internet is full of free resources and tools that will help an average people to set up a professional looking website within days to compete with the giants. And by spending some time learning through the internet, you will be able to market your success with success in no time. Where internet is an ocean of possibilities, the only obstacle you will face is your own creativity.Online Business is very flexibleWith just a laptop and an internet connection, you can choose to work at anytime or any place. No more waking up early to avoid the morning traffic or rushing to the office for that important sale meeting. You can start work after 10 am in the morning, and slowly sipping your coffee while still in your pajamas.Earn Money while you sleepHow does having sales made even when you peacefully dose off in the middle of the night sound to you? Online business will never close as its customers came from all over the world. In a global online market, one place closed and another open. And the convenient of buying things at anytime the customers wants, have greatly increased the online sale volume year after year.Business as usual even during renovationTraditionally, stores have to be closed for several days just to get some minor renovation done. It could be changing of a new theme, a fresh paint on the walls or some extra fixtures to improve the store layout. All this will have an impact on the overall revenue. With an online business, changes can be adjusted in the background without having to close for business and affecting the customer shopping experience. When a new layout of the store template is selected or a new upgrade feature is added, the new changes will go on live with just a press of a button.Online Business has better marketing strategyOnline marketing provide customers with a faster and more effective channel to satisfy their demand. When a person got interested in an advertisement of a product on the internet, by just clicking the ad will direct him/her to your online store immediately. And within minutes, he/she can buy the item and transfer the payment to you online. This add great value to online business as it act on the impulse of the customers when they got their attention on a particular items that appear on online ad banners or search engine listings.Online Business is low riskThat right, you don’t really need to raise a huge amount of fund to get an online business running. No more worry of not getting your loan approved by the bank especially during this credit crisis or risk your mortgage in this uncertain times. With hosting fee as low as $9.99 a month, setting up online business is just like spending on your daily lunch. Starting by using free online advertising services will help you minimize your overhead at the early stage. And when the sale started rolling in, you can then invest in paid advertising like Google AdWords that will further boost your sale revenue.The world is your MarketIf your online business is not geographically restricted, then you will be benefited by the global market in the online world. Your online store is accessible by people from all part of the world. So if your products are consider rare in certain regions and you can shipped them in a reasonable rate, then your potential customer base will expend from your local market to the billion of people in the globe.So no matter if you just want to earn extra cash online or build an online empire, 2009 present you with a good opportunity to get started. You can also find resources on small business ideas to earn extra cash.

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Laser Eye Surgery to Correct Reading Vision

There is a saying that there are only two things guaranteed in life: death and taxes. However, a decline in your reading vision really should be added to this list. If you are over the age of 45, you have likely or will very soon experience a decline in your near vision. It starts by holding the menu a little farther away, and the next thing you know, you are increasing the font size on your smart phone, and trying on readers at the local drugstore. Fortunately, this is 2015 and the technology for laser vision correction for reading, has been invented, improved and reinvented!You likely are not interested in wearing reading glasses. So what are your options to correct reading vision? There are three surgical options commonly recommended by ophthalmologists to improve your reading vision (and distance if necessary).Monovision LASIKMonovision LASIK is a tried and true procedure with proven results for reading vision correction. Monovision corrects one eye to focus up-close, as a reading vision correction solution, and your dominant eye will provide your distance vision (If necessary, you can correct distance vision as well on the dominant eye). This sounds a little crazy but the brain and eyes are extremely powerful when they work together. Trained reputable ophthalmologists who perform this type of laser vision correction for reading always require the patient to do a “test drive” utilizing contact lenses. This enables you to determine if you are comfortable with this solution. With monovision, you can basically “select” the reading vision correction that best suits your needs by adjusting the power of the single contact lens.

Ideal Candidates: Patients between the ages of 40 and 60 who are looking for reading vision correction or looking for near and distance vision correction.

Non-Ideal Candidates: Patients who want or require either their reading vision or distance vision to be perfect. One example would be golfers. They prefer to have the best possible distance vision to follow the ball, which makes them less than ideal candidates for monovision.
Corneal InlayIn April 2015, one manufacturer, Kamra, received FDA approval for the Kamra corneal inlay as a solution for a decline in reading vision. However, there are a few other inlays awaiting FDA approval. Why are there multiple manufacturers and approvals? Corneal inlay operated on different principals, and one inlay may not be right for everyone. Additionally, a corneal inlay may not be the best solution for everyone. Generally speaking, a corneal inlay is ideal for patients over the age of 45 who have seen a decline in their reading vision but have perfect or near perfect distance vision. Only an ophthalmologist who has been trained can perform the Karma corneal inlay, typically a LASIK surgeon, as the procedure requires the same lasers that are used to perform LASIK surgery. Unlike monovision laser vision correction for reading, the inlay is actually a device that is implanted into the eye, and it is always only a one eye procedure.

Ideal Candidates: Patients looking for reading vision correction only with nearly perfect distance vision and no previous laser vision correction surgery.

Non-ideal Candidates: Patients who need to correct both distance & near vision or who have already had some type of laser vision correction surgery (RK, PRK, LASIK).
Lens ImplantsSome LASIK surgeons recommend lens implant surgery like Restor©, Rezoom© or Crystalens© for reading vision correction. These solutions can be excellent for patients who have cataracts or the onset of cataracts. All of these procedures (simply different manufacturers) are cataract procedures where your lens is removed and a synthetic lens is implanted in your eye. If you do not have the onset of cataracts, this procedure is likely not the best solution for you. It is fairly evasive and expensive. Additionally, most doctors would agree that if you have a healthy part of your body (in this case the lens), then you should keep it for as long as possible before replacing it with something synthetic.

Ideal Candidates: Patients with cataracts or the onset of cataracts typically in their late 60s or early 70s who are looking for distance and reading vision correction.

Non-Ideal Candidates: People between the ages of 40 and 60 with healthy lenses who are likely ideal candidates for another form of laser vision correction for reading and distance.
When considering laser vision correction for reading or distance, it is important to research all of your options before choosing your procedure and your surgeon. Not every laser eye surgery is right for every vision problem.